On a Mission: Vegan “Big Mac” – Fish on Fifth, Sidney

The first review will take us out of Victoria, to the picturesque and ocean-side town of Sidney, located approx. 25 minutes drive outside of the city. I had heard a tale of a restaurant that had a vegan style big mac on its menu and needed to see for myself if it was real.

Here I was doing a great job sticking to my tofu, tempeh and beans but sometimes a girl just needs greasy food! I totally deserved to treat myself and couldn’t think of a better way than an old-time guilty pleasure. Gone are the days of actual Big Macs… hellooo vegan alternative 🙂

So I set off with my sister to find to find Fish on Fifth – a small restaurant appropriately named for its locale (9812 Fifth Street).  From the outside, the building is ordinary looking, giving little hint of its fabulous interior – inside a funky and vibrant themed dining area greeted us.



We wasted no time in ordering and both went for the vegan style Big Mac with a side of vegan garlic mayo fries to share. For our add-ons, we went with the sweet potato coconut ginger soup.

Before I review – I want to breakdown the vegan mac. The patties that are used in the burger are from the lovely people down at the Very Good Butchers  and are plant based and so delicious. Besides that, it’s built exactly the same as the McDonald’s jingle you may remember:  “Two (no beef) patties, special sauce (made in house!), lettuce, (vegan) cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun!” Side note here – they weren’t giving up where their cheese comes from. If anyone has the inside scoop on this, please let me know. It was the best vegan cheese I’ve ever had!!!

It was just as glorious as I had imagined – bun was perfectly soft, there was just the right amount of that special sauce and it tasted very much like a Big Mac. Hit the spot! The only thing that we found was that it was messy and a little hard to hold at times… but I feel like that kind of comes with the territory.

Our pile of vegan garlic mayo fries (there were just so many!) was delicious as well. Not too heavy on the garlic, but possibly a little heavy on the mayo. Because of this and let’s be real – because I had just inhaled a vegan big mac – it was hard to finish them all.

The only critique I would have for them would be about the soup. I was really looking forward to the flavor, but found that it was a bit lacking. I barely tasted any coconut, but it did still warm me up!

Our server, Felicia (who also is the manager), was really sweet and took time to highlight all the vegan items on the menu:

Portobello Mushroom, Deep Fried Artichoke Hearts, Yam Fries, Crazy Fries, Garlic Mayo Fries, Onion Rings, Deep Fried Pickles
Soups & Salads:
Sweet Potato Coconut Ginger, House Garden Salad, Caesar Salad
Burgers & Wraps (comes with your choice side – coleslaw & fries, garden salad, Caesar salad, soup. Also offered as ½ and ½ salad and fries):
Vegan Mac, Beacon Burger (VGB patty), Mock Chicken Burger, Mock Buffalo Chicken Burger, Black Bean Burger, The Not Codfather, Pacific “Not Cod” Wrap, Hot Thai Wrap (mock chicken or not cod), Mock Chicken Curry Wrap, Mock Chicken Strip Wrap, Falafel wrap, Halibut & Lime Wrap (made with not cod).

All in all, we loved this place. Enjoyed the laid back and funky atmosphere, the food was fantastic and looking forward to trying out more! There are a ton of options for vegans and a lot of gluten free options as well.

sprout emojisprout emojisprout emojisprout emojihalf sprout 4.5/5 from me.

Until next time! (I’ll be putting out a new review every Thursday),

**Side note:  Had a concern come up through the vegan community that Fish on Fifth was possibly using the same fryers as they did for their meat and fish – but that was quickly dispelled when the owners Burt and Amanda cleared up that they do, in fact, use separate fryers. So rest assured!**


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