A healthy classic – Rebar Restaurant (Bastion Square)

No matter where you go, each little town, each city, will have a place that everyone knows and loves. Whether that’s a small coffee shop or a busy restaurant – these are the places that have been around so long that they feel like a part of home.

Rebar restaurant is that place here in Victoria. It first opened it’s doors 27 years ago in Bastion Square. Rebar (named after the steel rods for their support and strength – just as food is for our bodies and mind!) is the baby of a woman named Audrey Alsterberg who had moved from Portland, Orgeon with the dream of bringing new life to our dining culture. She wanted a restaurant that had a vibe that reflected her home city as well as a juice bar, The Gravity Bar, in Seattle that she drew inspiration from. More importantly though, she believed that great food didn’t have to come from afar when a lot of great food is grown in our backyards. A simple idea that just makes sense!

rebar inside

Even though I didn’t grow up in Victoria, Rebar always puts a smile on my face. The bohemian/ecclectic style is so fun and a welcomed change from the contemporary spaces that are seen so often these days.

I ordered the Super Bowl, the matcha smoothie and a couple snacks to go. The menu at Rebar really does a fantastic job of reflecting Audrey’s vision – every item (there’s quite a bit on the menu!) is packed with healthy ingredients. They aren’t exclusively vegan or vegetarian – but with so many options, it’s very veggie/vegan friendly.

Super Bowl
Super Bowl


matcha smoothie
matcha smoothie
Top – Power Button (Almonds, Pecans, Sunflower seeds, Figs, Dates, Cocoa). Bottom – Power Spheres – Oats, Brown rice cake, Brown rice syrup, peanut butter, coconut, dried apple/apricot, sesame/sunflower/pumpkin seeds !


Everything was really tasty – especially loved the matcha smoothie, spicy peanut sauce on the Super bowl and the Power Sphere. I did want to mention that I’ve had the super bowl before and in the past it’s been a little fresher tasting – this time unfortunately the veggies seemed slightly dry. Besides that, my only other criticism would be that although the service was prompt, I found that the staff seemed bored – definitely a surprise to me since I’ve only ever experienced friendly and bubbly personalities in previous visits. Not going to stop me from coming back, though! Still a fan 🙂

A must-stop spot, for tourists and locals alike – I give Rebar sprout emojisprout emojisprout emojisprout emoji or 4/5.


One thought on “A healthy classic – Rebar Restaurant (Bastion Square)

  1. Everything looks great! I LOVE the decor and the smallest of ingredients used as toppings are quite impressive, too! Wish I could visit!

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