Family Owned Treasure: Lotus Pond (617 Johnson Street)

I don’t think I could ever move outside of Victoria. Sometimes I think about what it would be like if I did move and instead lived somewhere like Tofino – a popular coastal town here on the island. It’s heaven there with its expansive beaches and overwhelmingly chill vibe. Literally not a single soul is in a hurry to get anywhere. It’s the spot where surfers flock to on the island as it offers some of the best waves. But of course Tofino isn’t just for surfers – it has incredibly scenic hikes, hot springs and so much more.

So why wouldn’t I want to live somewhere like that? Honestly, I have very little reason not to move. I’m single, without kids, and currently working a job that isn’t exactly keeping me here. Pretty much a free bird!

But when I think about all the great vegan options I’d miss here in Victoria – and all the restaurants that are either full vegan or vegan friendly – I can’t imagine living anywhere else. One of my favourites that I know I would miss is the Lotus Pond.

lotus pond 4
Buffet area

Operating as family run since 1998 – The Lotus Pond is a fully vegan, Chinese restaurant. It is a smaller sized restaurant with an interior that is really quite ordinary – but what they lack in decor, they certainly make up for in delicious food!

Don’t let the front of the menu fool you either – not a single dairy product is used in their cooking. Just for whatever reason, they decided to write “Vegetarian” all over their menu when they are, in fact, vegan. I’ve confirmed their vegan status by asking on a couple different occasions. I had to do the double-check. You can never be too careful as a vegan!


lotus pond 5
Front of the menu

I went with a friend who decided to go for the buffet – there are a lot of options at the buffet which also include some of the favourites from the menu. Everything goes by weight as far as payment goes and it’s all very reasonable! In this case, my friend paid ten dollars for his meal.

lotus pond 3
Buffet style plate with mock chicken balls, spring roll, chow mein, a turnip cake and sweet potato & coconut curry

I decided to go with something off the menu and chose the “Combination Dinner for One” which has a total of four different combinations to choose from. I went with the plate that had pineapple mock chicken balls, diced veggies with cashews, and rice. All of the combos come with a spring roll, your choice of soup and choice of either white or brown rice.

lutos pond 1
Combo for one – Pineapple mock chicken balls, diced veggies with cashews and brown rice. Not pictured – one spring roll (I ate it already! oops)
lotus pond 2
Hot and sour soup

Everything was wonderful – really nice flavours and all very fresh tasting, especially the veggies. The hot and sour soup was spicy but not enough that it was overpowering. And I already knew beforehand that I’m in love with their pineapple mock chicken balls – an item that actually fooled my sister when she tried it. She couldn’t believe it wasn’t real chicken!

We left feeling full but not heavy and will no doubt be back again soon – or be ordering in at home as they do deliver! Their menu is available on their website at
I give the Lotus Pond sprout emojisprout emojisprout emojisprout emojihalf sproutor 4.5/5




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