Fav new spot – Rawthentic (108-4440 W Saanich Rd)

Just when I thought I had run out of full on vegan restaurants, I found another! And not just vegan – raw vegan! So far my only experience eating raw has been at the Vegan Hippie-Chick Cafe, which I loved. I knew I had to check it out.

Rawthentic (located in Royal Oak Shopping Centre at 108-4440 West Saanich Road…and also has a location in Courtenay!) is just a little outside the city, but not far enough that it wouldn’t be worth busing to. This is exactly what I did and headed out on a rainy Wednesday night to meet a friend.

Inside, the eatery was fresh and vibrant – immediately giving off a similar feel to a Booster Juice… although, I think this may have had something to do with the wheatgrass sitting on the counter. I was pleasantly surprised by how many options they had and the variety of in-house made treats! Everything looked so tasty.

Snacks, Salads, and to go bulk items

We both decided on trying out a wrap and a smoothie. I went for the Avocado Sandwich Wrap and a Glowing Goddess smoothie.=, my friend the Pesto Chic’un Wrap and the Berry Bunny smoothie. Found out that there’s another reason that Rawthentic has that Booster-Juice type feel – they use many healthy boosters in their smoothies that are unprocessed superfoods like goji berries, chia, acai, maca and many more!

Pesto Chic’Un Wrap (Pesto, sun-dried tomato, chic’un’ patty, cucumbers, spring mix, Caesar dressing) with Berry Bunny Smoothie (Carrot Juice Blackberry, Hemp, Vanilla, Dates, Banana) and Avocado Sandwich Wrap (Creamy cashew dill dressing, cucumbers, tomato, sprout, spring mix, avocado, salt, pepper, cayenne) with Glowing Goddess smoothie (Apple Juice, Hemp, Dates, Banana, Vanilla, Sour Cherry, Raspberries) ! What a mouth full 🙂
Rawthentic smoothies – so FRESH!
Avocado Sandwich Wrap

The outside part of the wraps are made in-house by dehydrating carrots, apples, lemon, zucchini, flax seeds and psyllium. They were incredibly tasty and held together really well in the wrap. We loved how packed with flavour each of our wraps were – everything tasted incredibly fresh and of course soo healthy!! You can’t ever go wrong eating raw. You’ll fill yourself up but to a nice comfortable amount and there’s never any guilt or unexpected tummy aches – when food is raw you can trust it to be good for your body and sustain you for long periods of time as well.

Oh, did I say that I was full? Nahh… there’s always room for dessert! I HAD to try one of their Nanaimo bars of course.

Vanilla Nanaimo bar

This was one delicious bar!  It was nutty on the bottom and sweet but not too sweet. I will admit, it only slightly tasted like a Nanaimo bar, but that was just fine with me. I am still waiting for that vegan Nanaimo bar that tastes just like the non-vegan ones… anyone know where to find or have any recipes to try?

We loved this spot and can’t wait to go again! There is so much to try and I’m thinking it would be the perfect spot to walk to in the summer for smoothies and a healthy snack!

I give Rawthentic sprout emojisprout emojisprout emojisprout emojisprout emoji or 5/5


One thought on “Fav new spot – Rawthentic (108-4440 W Saanich Rd)

  1. Thanks for that awesome review. I love eating out but find it hard to get awesome alive foods that are tasty. Just went there and found out that they are adding skip the dishes so they can deliver all around the Victoria area.

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