Got a sweet tooth? – Tout de Sweet Confections (1620 Store St)

I work at a pub downtown and there was talk a couple of weeks back about a sweet shop going in across the street. We all peered out of the pub windows as we watched the store unfold and waited. I may have been the most eager, though. I’ve kind of got a penchant for sweet shops that can’t really be explained besides that I must have owned one in another life. There’s a british sweet shop here in Victoria and I used to visit it all the time in my pre-vegan days…I truly felt like a kid in a candy shop every single time!

What I wanted to know about Tout de Sweet Confections was:  What vegan candies would they offer, if any? I honestly wasn’t expecting much, as that can sometimes be the case when looking for dairy, gelatin and refined sugar-free! I tried not to get my vegan hopes up.


Opening day came and I couldn’t wait to get off work to check them out. When I walked in, I was surprised by how pristine and perfect the place looked. It was opening day of course, but they really did a fantastic job with their display!


I was surprised at how many vegan options they did have – they even have them labelled with stickers as well so that there’s no confusion or double checking.

Decided on one of their raspberry lollipops that are made at their factory in Fairfield – they are made with all natural ingredients and only a dollar each! Also went with the Fizz candies and a Chai latte peanut brittle.


Loved everything I tried – the fizz candies were my favourite – they had a lot of flavour and of course I loved the fizz! Raspberry lollipop was delicious and disappeared quickly and the brittle was yummy with my tea but seemed VERY strongly chai flavoured.

Not much more to say besides that I think it’s the most adorable little candy shop and I’m really impressed by their vegan options! Will be back soon 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!


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