Carly Stevenson is based out of Victoria, British Columbia. A bit of a wandering soul as she moved from Manitoba to BC a few years back with no reason besides that she loved the outdoors. She thought that was definitely enough of a reason, though, and enjoys hiking and finding new places to explore in her downtime.

Carly’s decision to go Vegan was one that developed over time through a love for animals and was eventually realized and cemented once the correlation between animal agriculture and global warming became an undeniable one. After spending hours watching documentaries such as Earthlings, Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives (and then of course doing her own research to confirm the findings) – being Vegan seemed to be the only thing that made sense.

She is very excited about the movement and hopeful that the rise in consciousness will start the process of reversing damage done to our planet and it’s beings. It is surely an exciting time to be alive!

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